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Unlocking Scale With Subscriptions: Rejuvia

The story behind the brand and how Rejuvia’s subscriptions scaled by over 500% with Smartrr.
Over 500% increase in subscriptions
Migrated From
Legacy Subscription App

The Rejuvia Story

Rejuvia was founded by RC and Kristen Williams in 2020. The two loved the idea of CBD and how it was just starting to enter the marketplace in the United States. 

The mother-son duo wasn’t all that fond of the standard CBD products in the market already: messy oils that you drop under your tongue or basic capsules that took forever to start working. So they came up with the idea of a unique, convenient, and fun oral spray. 

Kristen had spent her entire career in the medical manufacturing industry which gave Rejuvia a big advantage when it came to developing and formulating their sprays. RC had experience in DTC and growth marketing, which made it a perfect match for the two to build a meaningful brand in a booming space.

The business took a while to get off the ground. There were a lot of hoops the two had to jump through in order to successfully find banking partners, payment gateways, and technology partners. Customer acquisition and being able to advertise across the internet was also a challenge—and a much harder one to figure out.

Growth Through Subscriptions 

Though it took endless testing and iterating, Rejuvia finally found stable footing in 2021 and the founders significantly grew the business. From the start, they knew having a strong subscription option on their side was an essential part of their growth and customer retention.

“Since launching Rejuvia two years ago, we’re so grateful to have helped tens of thousands of customers. We’re on track to generate well over $1.5M in sales in 2022 and grow our subscription business by over 500% this year. The backbone of our growth is our strong subscription business and we are so happy to have partnered with Smartrr on this journey.”
— RC Williams, Co-Founder

When the cofounders were ready to start scaling the business in 2021, they were quite unhappy with the subscription software that they had been using–and their customers were too. The team was constantly answering customer support tickets and running into software bugs. They quickly realized that this was causing them to deliver a subpar customer experience and making it difficult for customers to manage their subscriptions.  

Coincidentally, the Rejuvia team was introduced to Smartrr by Nik Sharma right when they needed to make a switch and instantly fell in love with the platform.

The Smartrr Experience 

The Rejuvia team praises the customer account portal as the biggest differentiator because it is much more accessible and functional for customers. They even had a few customers check it out before making the switch to Smartrr and they agreed. 

Another big selling point for them was Smartrr’s Advanced Analytics; they had been struggling to compile all of their subscription data previously, but Smartrr brought in deeper insights into their subscription performance. Specifically calling out the dashboard for making it easy to read and understand, the team cites that understanding the data and insights on the subscription side of their business has especially valuable. 

“The Smartrr dashboard makes it so easy for us to understand and take action against. Understanding data and insights behind the subscription side of our business have been a game changer and I attribute that to Smartrr’s incredible platform!”
— RC Williams, Co-Founder


Since migrating to Smartrr, Rejuvia’s subscriptions have scaled by over 500%, subscriber churn reduced by over 15%, and monthly cancellations decreased by over 20% thanks to features like Gifting and Smart Cancellation.