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Snif Subscription Revenue increases by 143%

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Increase in subscription revenue


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About the brand
Snif makes it easy to find fragrances and scented candles you love. Experience scents at home with Snif's try-before-you-buy model before you commit.
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Launched with Smartrr
“Subscriptions have been a game changer for our retention strategy. Snif customers come for the smells, but stay for the experience. We’ve crafted a program that treats subscribers like the VIP customers that they are, and the results come in the form of loyalty.” — Emily Powers, Director of Customer and Retention

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About Snif

Tired of the expensive and complex nature of buying fragrance, childhood friends Bryan Edwards and Phil Riportella partnered together to push the industry towards more inclusive and accessible products with Snif. Since its founding in 2020, Snif has made it fun and easy for everyone to enjoy luxury-level fragrance by offering clean, high-quality scents at an affordable price.

Turning repeat customers into subscribers

With a thriving community in place and a growing list of repeat customers, finding a way to integrate subscriptions into the overall marketing and retention strategy was top of mind for Emily Powers, the Director of Customer and Retention at Snif.

A strategic approach to subscriptions

Aiming to introduce subscriptions across the majority of their fans’ favorite fragrances and candles, Emily used Smartrr's out-of-the-box subscription programs for a seamless implementation. Expressing her appreciation of Smartrr's level of customer support, she highlighted her Customer Success Manager, Casey, as a true partner in their journey. 

“Whether it’s providing support with the product, sharing best practices, or just brainstorming around retention strategy, the Smartrr team is always helpful and attentive.”

Snif’s strategic approach extends beyond the subscription offering itself. Understanding subscribers are their most valuable customers, Snif has crafted a tailored subscription experience inclusive of exclusive discounts, member-only promotions, and early access to product launches. By leveraging Smartrr’s subscription program, Emily has truly built a VIP customer experience, and the results show increased retention and loyalty. 

Emily continues to keep a diligent eye on the nuances of customer churn to see where there may be any areas for improvement. Recently, she implemented Smartrr's retention survey, allowing customers to share reasons for cancellation or pausing subscriptions. This simple yet effective survey strengthened their marketing communications, and provided detailed insights through Smartrr's Analytics Dashboard, which Emily lauds as her favorite part of the platform.

The Results

Since launching subscriptions in January 2023, Snif’s repeat purchase rate has increased by over +60%. Offering subscriptions for various sizes of perfumes and candles, the company has witnessed an impressive 143% surge in subscription revenue over the last six months.

What’s Next

Snif’s just scratched the subscription surface. Emily is constantly iterating and looking for new opportunities to enhance their subscription experience, leaving us eager to revisit her insights in the coming quarter and witness the impact of these innovative strategies on Snif's ever-growing success.

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