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Uniquely repeatable subscription revenue

No two brands are the same. At Smartrr, we take the guesswork out of subscriptions and make it easy to launch and scale subscription programs tailored to your brand’s needs.

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Shopify Subscription Software

Subscriptions that actually work for you

No two brands are exactly alike. Rather than try to fit a square peg into a round hole, Smartrr powers subscription experiences tailored to your brand’s needs–without the difficult development work.

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Custom subscription programs, without the custom builds.


The Subscription Basics

Starting with the basics, Smartrr makes it easy to curate the right subscription offer. Specify price or shipping discounts, delivery frequencies or volume discounts that make the most sense for how your customers buy and use your products.
Perfect for products that require regular replenishment.

Build-a-box Subscriptions

Increase AOV and put customers in the driver’s seat by allowing them to curate customized “build-a-box’ subscriptions. Even better, the Smartrr Bundle Builder modal can be placed anywhere on your site.
Perfect for low AOV, high SKU catalogs.

Customizable Subscription Flows

The Smartrr Sequential Flow Builder lets you take control of the customer journey by setting a specific order of product variants for a subscription. Easily test which order or combination of products customers enjoy most.
Perfect for durable goods that require add-ons or refills.

Giftable Subscriptions

Turn your most loyal customers into your biggest brand advocates. Smartrr allows subscribers to gift their subscription to friends and family, helping lower acquisition costs and reduce churn.
Perfect for spreading word of mouth and holiday promotions.

Seasonal Releases

Want to plan a seasonal release or specifically timed product drop? Smartrr allows you to set a specific day you want your subscription product to be released or shipped.
Perfect for “Box of the month” subscriptions or seasonal releases.

Set Minimum Billing Cycles

Smartrr makes it easy to define a maximum or minimum number of billing cycles for any subscription plan. For instance, you could set the minimum number of billing cycles to 3 before a subscriber can cancel, or set a maximum number of six shipments for gifted subscriptions.
Perfect for use with giftable subscriptions or requiring a minimum amount of orders.

Prepaid Subscriptions

Lock in that cash flow by allowing your customers to pay for their recurring subscription deliveries upfront. A win-win for merchants and customers alike.
Perfect for annual discounts for customers who pay up front.

The features you need to acquire more subscribers, and keep them coming back

Flexible Subscription Management
Make it easy for customers to manage their subscriptions as they see fit, with options to send now, skip, gift, pause, cancel, edit payment or shipping details, and more!
Cancellation Reasons
Get actionable data to improve your subscription program with customizable pause and cancellation reasons that tell you exactly why customers pause or cancel their subscription.
Smartrr Retention Actions
Increase retention with customized marketing actions or discounts based on the specific pause or cancellation reason given by a customer.
Email & SMS Updates
Automate customer communications around upcoming orders, deliveries and offers.
Smartrr Customer Account Portal
Smartrr’s theming capabilities make the customer portal feel like a true extension of your website.
Checkout Extensions
Increase AOV by upselling subscriptions or additional items directly in the cart with just the single click of a button.
24/7 Support & Dedicated CSM
We’re always available and committed to helping you grow. Our average chat response time is <1 minute.
Passwordless Login
Reduce friction with magic links and passwordless login to the customer portal.
Bulk Actions
A huge win for your CS team. Easily manage your customers’ recurring orders in bulk in the Smartrr admin portal.
Connected with all of your favorite tools and tech stack including Klaviyo, Gorgias, Rebuy, Postscript and more. See all our integrations and partners here.
Expired Credit Card Notifications
Reduce passive churn with automated notifications when credit cards are due to expire or payment fails.
Native Loyalty & Rewards
The only subscription platform on the market with an integrated Loyalty & Reward solution for subscribers.
Trending Product Upsells
Put trending products front and center in the customer portal. One more touchpoint that lets you engage with customers and win more business.
Social Feeds in Portal
Promote your social content directly in the customer portal for an additional brand touchpoint.
Looking for something else?
We actually ran out of room to keep listing features. Chances are, we’ve got what you’re looking for. Shoot us an email at or schedule to see more of the platform.

Results that will make you look very, very smart


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3 reasons why clients love us

[Reason #1]

Not just another subscription app

You’re not just another brand. Your product is not just another product. So why should you settle for just another subscription app? Smartrr is redefining what a subscription platform looks like.

“Whether it’s providing support with the product, sharing best practices, or just brainstorming around retention strategy, the Smartrr team is always helpful and attentive.”

Emily Powers
Director of Customer Retention
[Reason #2]

The most engaging customer portal on the market

No need to compromise on design or functionality. Our ultra-customizable Subscriber Portal gives you more tools to drive engagement that actually builds brand loyalty and keeps customers coming back.

“I’m glad we launched with Smartrr — the experience has been seamless from day one. Not only is the user interface perfectly matched to our branding, but it’s also easy for customers to use.”

Ashley Muir Davies
Joggy’s Head of Community
[Reason #3]

A true partner in subscription growth

Your subscribers are your most important customers, don’t leave their care to chance. From day one, you’ll have access to 24/7 chat support and a dedicated Customer Account Manager who would love nothing more than to help grow your business.

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"Honestly, I don’t feel like Smartrr is just a subscription app – they’re our partners, and they’re striving for success along with us. If you’re thinking of adding subscription to your store, or you’re looking to switch – don’t hesitate to reach out to Smartrr."

Dana Lusted
Brand Manager - Digital
Wild Planet Foods

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