Shopify Loyalty Rewards & Referrals

Loyalty Rewards that will keep subscribers coming back

Smartrr is the first subscription platform to build native loyalty rewards and referrals functionality. Reward your best and most loyal customers with exclusive benefits and perks.

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The Smartest take on brand loyalty

No instruction manual needed

Loyalty programs don't have to be overly complex to get off the ground. With Smartrr’s, subscribers automatically earn loyalty points from day one for frictionless implementation and increased adoption.

no instruction manual needed
a no-brainer to reduce subscriber churn

A no-brainer to reduce subscriber churn

Customers who redeem loyalty rewards are 25% less likely to churn. Enough said.

One less app to worry about

Stop wasting time and money on point solutions that don’t integrate. Smartrr is the only subscription platform to offer native loyalty rewards, referrals and subscriptions on one platform.

one less app to worry about

Give your most loyal and valuable customers the rewards they crave

Reward your most loyal customers FOR:

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Referring friends and family
Gifting next order to a friend
Reaching a subscription milestone
Spending X amount of dollars
Buying x amount of products

Reward your most loyal customers FOR:

Free products
Brand Merch
Cash Offers
Free Shipping
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Ellie Scotland
Pointer Creative

“Smartrr has a great app. At the bare bones, you guys do subscriptions and you do it well. But then there are all your other features like Loyalty, BYOB, Gifting — everything encompassed in that is a no-brainer because you don’t just do subscriptions — there are all these other elements that connect and relate and work well together. Finding an app that has multiple touch points of what a client is looking for is what we love.”

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