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Joggy makes plant-based steady energy supplements to get you moving, help you maintain focus, and bring you a sense of calm.
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Between their emphasis on authenticity, inclusivity, and community-led growth, Joggy is a front-runner when it comes to fostering a culture that’s bound together by a shared passion. We caught up with Joggy’s Head of Community, Ashley Muir Davies, to hear how Joggy is raising the bar when it comes to exercise-enhancing CBD supplements, building in public, and establishing a brand community – all of which have resulted in an impressive 153% increase in subscription revenue over the past six months. 

Chasing Runner’s High

We’ve all heard of (and maybe even experienced) the euphoric feeling caused by exercising known as “runner’s high” — but what causes it? There’s a common notion that runner’s high is due to endorphins, but believe it or not, our Endocannabinoid System may actually be the real reason behind this phenomenon. Although chemically similar to cannabis, Cannabinoids are naturally released during pleasant activities and can be supplemented to mimic those effects in your body. Inspired by the truth behind runner’s high, Ty Haney, Founder of Outdoor Voices and a running enthusiast of her own, was determined to create a supplement that encourages and heightens the benefits of cannabinoids. 

Ty partnered with a lab in Austin to help formulate a CBD product that provides a boost of energy throughout the day balanced with a steady, euphoric feeling to maintain focus. In a competitive market filled with a broad range of CBD products, only a few focus on the benefits of CBD in supporting movement and energy. But Joggy sets itself ahead of the pack by hyper-focusing on products that benefit physical movement and activities. Having originally launched in April 2022 with three products, Joggy now has five CBD-based products and is expanding. 

“Sustainability is top of mind for us — from the integrity of our ingredients and circularity of our packaging, to how we show up locally and activate the communities in our main markets,” Ashley shared. And Joggy makes a real effort to put these values to work — as the brand’s product is formulated with plant-based ingredients and packaged in recyclable materials when possible, all in an effort to ensure the company is impacting the planet as little as possible. With sustainability at the forefront of the brand’s DNA, they are a member of 1% for the Planet with aspirations to be a certified B Corp.

Building a Brand Community

When it comes to the brand’s CBD marketing funnel, Joggy takes a highly unique approach to spread awareness and grow their community. Founded alongside Joggy is TYB, a Web3 platform for brands to build their community online while rewarding customers directly for their participation and engagement. Within TYB, customers have channels to connect, space to give feedback on products, user-generated content challenges in exchange for coins, and much more – allowing Joggy to stay close to their customers and what they experience with the product.

While TYB helps Joggy to continue improving their current product offerings, Joggy’s biggest differentiating factor is their product co-creation opportunities with community members. Using the platform to poll customers on ideal flavor profiles, caffeine levels, price points, and more, Joggy set out to create a clean, plant-based energy drink without sugar or synthetic ingredients. To ensure that their new product directly aligns with consumer preferences, Joggy sent out cans to community members and then rewarded them for feedback.

Growing with and rewarding customers at the same time both play a huge part in Joggy’s efforts to establish a tight-knit community – and the team plans on continuing to iterate and evolve the product over the next year before officially launching.

“Co-creating the energy drink with our community on TYB has been a fun experiment. We created the first version of the product based on data we collected from our community members, then sent everyone a free can to test and review. We think of our community as an extension of our team — they are helping us find a product-market fit and getting rewarded for their contributions.”
Ashley Muir Davies, Joggy’s Head of Community

Beyond building out a brand community virtually, the Joggy team utilizes in-person events to further their mission of creating happiness through movement. From yoga classes to pilates to group runs, the team focuses on amplifying their vision through physical activities and connecting with like-minded individuals afterward. Ashley described Joggy’s community as vibrant and filled with all different types of people spanning the entire range of athleticism. And at their events, people are excited to connect with others — many have even formed friendships through Joggy. One of the milestones Ashley is proudest of is having their biggest event yet, with over 350 people running with them in Austin.

With this, Joggy also values collaboration and is inspired by their peers with similar missions in the eCommerce space, such as local running clubs, fitness creators and influencers, and other wellness-focused brands. Surrounded by a broad range of partners that help lift each other up, Joggy shouted out Juneshine, a hard kombucha company, as one of their biggest event partners with monthly runs out of their tasting rooms in New York and Los Angeles.

“Our community members are also our best customers. Members of Joggy’s community on TYB are much more likely to have regular product subscriptions and a higher LTV. Our community-first approach truly does result in stronger relationships with our customers.”
Ashley Muir Davies, Joggy’s Head of Community

Off to a Running Start With Subscriptions

With a consumable CBD product taken as a ritual for physical activities comes an abundance of repeat purchases, so the Joggy team hit the ground running with subscriptions. Looking to launch with a Shopify subscription app that had dedicated support and software that would work seamlessly with their branding, Joggy found Smartrr after multiple recommendations.

“I found Smartrr by doing research on best subscription apps. After reading a ton of negative reviews about experiences with Recharge and having multiple people recommend Smartrr, it seemed like a no-brainer. The entire team has been incredibly helpful from day one — I knew it was the right partnership for us.”
Ashley Muir Davies, Joggy’s Head of Community

Ashley praised the customer account portal for looking like Joggy had designed it themselves, perfectly matching something they pride themselves on: their branding. In addition to the aesthetics, the Joggy team also loves the account portal because it helps customers manage subscriptions on their own – and the admin portal for allowing the Joggy team to handle accounts with ease. And Joggy’s subscriptions are in great shape because of it; they’ve seen an impressive 153% increase in subscription revenue over the past 6 months!

Ashley also called out the analytics portal for its ease of use as well as Smartrr’s cancellation and pause-reasons feature for its real-time feedback on why people are adjusting their subscriptions. With a product taken regularly, yet not necessarily each and every day, granting customers full control over their subscription cadence in a way that makes sense for them has been a game-changer for the brand. The feature has been especially helpful in product development efforts, like deciding the ideal number of gummies to include in each tin.

“I’m glad we launched with Smartrr — the experience has been seamless from day one. Not only is the user interface perfectly matched to our branding, but it’s also easy for customers to use. Everyone on the Smartrr team has been so responsive and quick to offer solutions whenever I have a question. I would 100 times out of 10 recommend Smartrr to anyone looking for a subscription tool.”
Ashley Muir Davies, Joggy’s Head of Community

To promote their subscription program, Joggy has sent out a series of emails around the theme of “Consistency is Key.” The team does an excellent job emphasizing the benefits of their subscription program, including 15% off of every order, free shipping, and limitless flexibility.

A Winning Tech Stack

In terms of Joggy’s tech stack, Gorgias, Okendo, and of course, TYBand Smartrr are some of their must-haves. Each app allows Joggy to further their goals of delivering an elevated, personalized customer experience for their dedicated community.

What’s Next

Looking ahead, Joggy is excited to expand outside CBD into other plant-based products that both give you energy and support your body to make movement feel better. The Joggy team also has a ton of community events planned in Austin, Los Angeles, and New York. In addition to expanding their product offerings, Joggy is also looking to increase their subscription promotional efforts as the team grows.

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