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Smartrr analytics, for smarter business decisions

From cohort retention analysis to churn reasons, Smartrr analytics equips you with the data you need to increase recurring revenue and LTV.

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The right data, at your fingertips

Revenue metrics get front row.

The first thing you will see in Smartrr’s dashboard is Total Revenue, Subscription Revenue and Average Order Value. We believe it is imperative to tie your subscription offering back to your overall business metrics so you’ll have them handy at any given moment.

revenue metrics get front row
10/10 for retention

10/10 for Retention.

Equip your team with impressive data visualization that highlights strengths and opportunities instantly. Tools like cohort retention and average billing cycle charts will keep you on track to strengthen your retention efforts and CLTV incrementally based on your subscribers’ behavior patterns.

Data that actually syncs with your tech stack.

Smartrr already integrates with the tech stack you use and (maybe love). Our Shopify native solution ensures the data we send to other software is clean, accurate, and reliable.

data that actually syncs with your tech stack

Every report you need, and a few more

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Performance overview
Quickly get a bird's eye view of your subscription business with the need to know stats including active subscribers subscription revenue over any time period you need.
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Key metric trends
Track your key performance metrics such as AOV in real time. Never get blindsided by changes to how your business is performing.
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Product overviews
Quickly identify your product winners (and losers) with subscription revenue data down to the SKU level. Great for quickly shifting marketing and retention strategies based on actual product sales.
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Cohort analysis
Know exactly when and why your customers are churning during the subscription lifecycle. A great way to boost retention by leveraging win-back tactics at the moments of highest risk of chrun.
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Queued subscription renewals
Improve forecasting, inventory planning and retention efforts with data that shows exactly when your subscribers are up for renewal and what products they are subscribed to.
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Pause & Cancellation Reasons
Never guess why subscribers choose to pause or cancel their subscriptions. You can set custom pause and cancellation reasons in the Smartrr platform and report regularly on the reasons given by customers.
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Dana Lusted
Brand Manager

“I love the fact that I can confidently go back to my leadership team and provide them with reliable and accurate analytics. It really helps us learn how to improve and perform better as a company.”

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