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Turn your customer portal into a revenue engine

Delight customers with flexible subscription management. Increase sales with thousands of additional merchandising touch points. Check out the Smartrr difference below...

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Experiences designed to build brand loyalty.

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Frictionless Subscription Management for Subscribers

Give your subscribers the flexibility they crave with the ability to send now, pause, skip, cancel, or gift their next order, all in one intuitive, easy-to-access portal.

An Extension of Your Shop

No need to compromise on design or functionality. Smartrr’s no-code theming capabilities make it easy to turn the Customer Portal into a true extension of your online store experience.

Reduce Support Tickets with Passwordless Login

Reduce friction for returning customers by empowering them to seamlessly access their account portal by entering their email and inputting the access code delivered directly to their inbox. Your support team will thank you for this one.

Personalized Shopping Experiences That Delight, and Convert

Never miss a chance to sell more products with one-time add ons, marketing banners, trending upsells and social feeds–all in the customer portal.

Loyalty & Rewards to Keep Subscribers Coming Back

Give subscribers the exclusive perks and benefits they care about. Smartrr is the only subscription platform to offer native loyalty  rewards programs for subscribers. The key stat: subscribers are 25% less likely to churn after redeeming loyalty points.

Fight Churn With Smartrr Retention Actions

The easiest way to reduce active churn. Leverage curated offers, marketing actions and win-back tactics triggered by the specific pause or cancellation reason given by the subscriber.

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Sam Smith

“Smartrr has given us the flexibility to experiment with strategies from an acquisition perspective…The portal is much stronger than we’re used to because it enables customers to manage their subscriptions better, and the loyalty program has been incredible.”

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