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Acquire, delight and retain more subscribers, all with Smartrr.

Built specifically for growing Shopify brands, the Smartrr Subscription Platform has the right tools to deliver what matters most to your bottom line—more repeat purchases.

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Revenue in 60 Days

It’s all about predictable, recurring revenue.

You’ve already done the hard work–developing a product, building a brand, and acquiring customers. We’re here to make it as easy as possible for you to keep them coming back time and time again.

The building
blocks for more
repeat purchases.

Less tech stack, more repeat purchases.

Predictable, recurring revenue is rocket fuel for growing e-commerce. Smartrr is the only subscription platform to offer a native Loyalty Rewards solution.


Sell subscriptions tailored to your
brand needs without the difficult
development work.

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Loyalty & Referrals

Build brand loyalty and turn it into
more repeat sales with rewards your
customers will love.

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The subscription features you need, all in one place

Smartrr pairs flexible subscription offerings with analytics, 24/7 support, and powerful post-purchase engagement tools, giving you what you need to grow subscribers with confidence.

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Tailored subscriptions

From basic Subscribe & Save to box-of-the-month and prepaid subscriptions, Smartrr makes it easy to sell subscriptions as you see fit.

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Bundle Builder

Increase AOV and let customers curate their own recurring orders with “build-a-box” styled subscriptions.

Smartrr Retention Actions

Reduce churn with special offers or marketing actions tailored to the specific cancellation or pause reason given by a customer.

Analytics & Insights

Actionable data and insights you can use everyday to grow your business. No advanced math degree required.

24/7 Support

Smartrr is available 24/7 from the moment you sign up with an average first response time of under one minute.

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The Most Engaging Customer Portal

Take your customers’ subscription experience to another level with a fully branded customer portal that feels like a true extension of your online store experience.

customer portal
Monica Fredericksdorf
Communications Manager

“Not only did Smartrr put us in a better position on the backend, but it’s also easier for our customers to use — especially with the account portal. We used Bold before and it was really hard to manage on our end and the customers' end — plus it had a lot of technical shortcomings. Everything is so much easier and we feel so much better pushing our subscription program with Smartrr hosting it.”

Emily Powers
Director of Customer and Retention

“Subscriptions have been a game changer for our retention strategy. Snif customers come for the smells, but stay for the experience. We’ve crafted a program that treats subscribers like the VIP customers that they are, and the results come in the form of loyalty.”

Thor Kellin

"Smartrr is pushing the needle and always trying to improve the customer experience, which is our greatest priority. If we’re not continually improving for our customers, then they’re going to move onto another brand."

Nik Sharma

"Smartrr is the #1 tool for subscriptions. Their seamless checkout and branded customer portal lead to better conversion, retention, and upsell. Their killer analytics app makes Smartrr the all-in-one stop shop needed to make subscriptions a smooth part of your business.”

Dana Lusted
Brand Manager - Digital

“Honestly, I don’t feel like Smartrr is just a subscription app – they’re our partners, and they’re striving for success along with us. If you’re thinking of adding subscription to your store, or you’re looking to switch – don’t hesitate to reach out to Smartrr.”

Acquiring subscribers is just the start.

Takes more than a ‘Subscribe & Save’ widget to build a thriving subscriber base. Smartrr gives you powerful tools to drive post-purchase engagement that delights, and insights that show exactly what your customers want more (and less) of.

LOYALTY Rewards & Referrals

Build brand loyalty that lasts

Smartrr is the only subscription platform to offer a native loyalty rewards solution for subscribers. Consolidate your tech stack and reward your most loyal customers with perks they actually care about.

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Elevate your subscriber experience

Drive more post-purchase engagement and delight customers with trending upsells, marketing banners, one-time add ons, social feeds, loyalty & rewards, and more–all in the customer portal.

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Smartrr Analytics

Make smarter decisions, faster

We put the need-to-know numbers right at your fingertips so you can make confident decisions that improve your bottom line on a daily basis.

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Why Smartrr is a no-brainer. 

24/7 support you can actually count on.

Our average chat response time is <1 minute. We’re not making that up. In addition to that, you’ll have a dedicated Customer Success Manager who is your true partner in growth. With Smartrr, you can rest assured your subscription business is in great hands.

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A Customer Account Portal that converts.

The Smartrr Customer Account Portal is the most engaging on the market. Full stop. Our portal gives you thousands of additional merchandising touch points with your best customers so you can drive incremental revenue from your subscribers and repeat buyers.

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Serious results, for serious operators

Whether you have 50, 50,000, or 500,000 subscribers, Smartrr is the platform to take your subscription business to the next level. Our platform is stable, built to scale with you, and delivers the recurring revenue you need to keep growing.

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Every big brand starts somewhere. We’ve taken brands from 0 to over 100k subscribers. We’d love to help you do the same.

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We have the team and process in place to get you up and running on Smartrr with no disruption to operations or the customer experience.

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