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Instagram Feeds

Doubling down on the creator economy! Pairing nicely with our Creator Upsell product release, merchants can now feature their Instagram feed directly in their customer account portal. 

Make sure your loyal customers never miss a post! Instagram plays a vital role in consumers’ purchasing behavior, with 80% of people saying that the platform helps them decide whether or not they purchase a product. Not only that, but people perceive brands on Instagram as more creative, relevant, and committed to building community!

🎞Double expose your brand's Instagram feed in your shop's customer account portal using Smartrr’s Instagram connection!

📱Smartrr’s native, dynamic Instagram feed displays the most recent 12 posts from your brand's connected Instagram account.

🤳Living directly in the customer account portal, this feature is the perfect way to showcase your products in a fresh way, grow your social channels, and provide an elevated, personalized brand experience!

👁Easily adjust the placement of the Instagram feed within the customer account portal using the down/up arrows to reorder. If you want to hide the Instagram feed entirely, just use the eye icon to toggle the visibility. 

Doré has beautifully designed their customer account portal to match their brand aesthetic, taking it a step further with our Instagram feed connection! 

For more on how to set up an Instagram feed, see our help doc or speak with a Smartrr expert!