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Creator Upsells

We’re leaning into the creator economy with this one!!

With the total creator economy estimated at over $100 billion and 75% of US marketers leveraging it in their DTC marketing strategies this past year, now’s the time to get creators in front of your subscribers💎

📝Introducing Creator Upsells!

Curate a list of up to 4 products to showcase creator picks, new arrivals, and limited edition drops directly in your customer account portal 🛍

🌟While this feature was built for creators, there’s nothing stopping you from repurposing it for other campaigns, such as highlighting- 
1. [Insert Favorite Creator]’s top products
2. Hottest holiday deals
3. A new winter collection
4. An exclusive product drop only for subscribers

Heading and copy are fully customizable to align with any creator or group! Plus, offer an additional discount for customers when shopping from this trending list💜

See how to set up trending lists here!