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Subscription Gift Ideas for Mother's Day
Brand Spotlight
Brand Spotlight

Subscription Gift Ideas for Mother's Day

No matter who you're shopping for, we're rounding up subscription gift ideas for Mother's Day — from flowers to wine and coffee.

May is upon us, which means Mother’s Day is just around the corner — and now is the prime opportunity to start shopping. One of the best Mother’s Day gift ideas is to give a gift that keeps on giving: subscriptions. 

We know Mother’s Day looks different for everyone. So whether you’re looking for your mom, a grandmother, an aunt, a parent figure, a spouse, or want to treat yourself, here are 9 subscription gift ideas for Mother’s Day.

For The Beauty & Self-Care Advocate


L'amarue Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Founded by a mother-daughter duo, L’AMARUE sells a range of skincare products tailored to your individual skin needs. From body cream to balm and face cream, all L’AMARUE products are focused on fostering healthy skin — and it’s always extra nice to support a family-owned brand. 

🎁 L’AMARUE also has gift cards.


Chillhouse Nails Mother's Day Gift Ideas

For the woman in your life who is always too busy to go get a manicure but still wants perfect nails — Chillhouse is the ideal gift. Chillhouse makes doing your own nails accessible and convenient with a mystery subscription box that includes two sets of “surprise design” Chill Tips to keep nails fresh and unique. 

🎁 Chillhouse also offers gift cards for digital purchases.


Joggy Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Joggy sells a variety of plant-based CBD products that each have a different purpose, including enhancing focus, aiding workouts, and decreasing tension. If you’re shopping for a woman who always seems to be on the go, stressed, or just in need of a calming boost, Joggy can be the ultimate self-care gift.

For The Decor Lover

Scotts Flowers (Currently New York City-Based)

Scotts Flowers Mothers Day Gift Ideas

There’s nothing like a flower subscription gift to brighten up someone’s day — and the ephemeral nature of flowers makes them a prime candidate for subscriptions. Scotts Flowers is a New York City-based florist that delivers beautiful seasonal blooms to anyone in the area.

🎁 Has giftable subscriptions: Scotts Flowers offers both a 3-month and a 6-month giftable flower subscription.

For The Fitness Nut


Bloom Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Any health-conscious, gym-loving Moms can appreciate Bloom. All of the health supplements are designed to help aid workouts and make any fitness journey easier. The brand’s goal is to give women the tools they need to bloom into the best versions of themselves. You can find a variety of gym supplements, vitamins, gummies, protein powder, and more, all ideal for exercise-loving moms. 

🎁 Bloom also sells gift cards.

For The New Mom


Freestyle Mother's Day Gift Ideas

For any new moms out there — Freestyle is an excellent gift that takes the stress out of getting diapers. And the best part is the diapers are completely sustainable. Rather than being made from tree pulp, Freestyle makes their diapers from bamboo pulp (which is actually 55% more absorbent than regular diapers). The brand is also the very first net plastic negative diaper. Plus, the diapers come in some fun designs created by talented artists. 

🎁 Freestyle also sells gift cards.

For The Coffee Enthusiast 

Horsham Coffee Roaster

Horsham Coffee Roasters Subscription Gift Ideas

For the routine coffee drinker, a coffee subscription makes a whole lot of sense — and Horsham Coffee Roaster features a range of coffee from all over the world. With beans ethically sourced from Brazil, Costa Rica, Rwanda, and Kenya, the team is dedicated to trading directly with growers to ensure they receive a fair price for their work. 

🎁 Has giftable subscriptions: Horsham specifically offers a gift subscription voucher where you can select a prepaid 3-month, 6-month, or 12-month subscription to make the gifting process as seamless as possible.

For The Wine Lover


Avaline Mother's Day Gift Ideas

As if a wine subscription weren’t great enough, Avaline is committed to creating organically-farmed, vegan wine — making this a truly guilt-free gift. Whether the woman you’re shopping for loves a white, red, rosé, or something sparkling, Avaline lets you choose from a 1-month, 2-month, or 3-month subscription. 

🎁 Avaline also has gift cards.  


Happy Mother’s Day from all of us at Smartrr!