Subscription Gift Ideas for Father's Day

In honor of Father's Day, we are covering a variety of subscription gift ideas no matter who you're shopping for — including tequila, coffee, jerky, and more.

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    June is upon us, which means Father’s Day is just around the corner — and now is the prime opportunity to start shopping. One of the best Father’s Day gift ideas is to give a gift that keeps on giving: subscriptions

    We know Father’s Day looks different for everyone. So whether you’re looking for your dad, a grandfather, an uncle, a parent figure, a spouse, or want to treat yourself, here are some subscription gift ideas for Father’s Day.

    For The Dad Who Loves to Unwind


    Joggy CBD Products Father's Day Gifts

    Joggy sells a variety of plant-based CBD products that each have a different purpose, including enhancing focus, aiding workouts, and decreasing tension. If you’re shopping for a man who always seems to be on the run, stressed out, or searching for a calming boost, Joggy can be the ultimate self-care gift. It’s also a great tool to support a man who is trying to get in shape but struggles to stick with working out.


    Partake Alcohol-Free Ber Father's Day Gifts

    Partake is an excellent option for the drink-loving dad who is looking to cut back — except Partake is for the beer aficionado. Partake’s alcohol-free beer is award-winning, vegan, all-natural, and low in calories, making it an all-around healthier alternative to its alcoholic counterpart. If you subscribe your dad, you get 10% off every order, free shipping, access to free gifts and new products, as well as total flexibility to skip an order or cancel anytime. You can choose between a 4-week, 6-week, or 8-week cadence.

    🎁Has gift cards: Partake offers a range of gift cards between $25 and $100, which are available for purchase online.

    Sip Tequila

    Sip Tequila Father's Day Gifts

    If you’re shopping for someone who likes his drinks pure and traditional, good news: this one’s for tequila fans everywhere. Not only does Sip Tequila offer a variety of premium tequilas, but you can also get your loved one a custom engraving to take this gift to the next level. In addition to singular tequila bottles, you’ll find flights, tasting kits, and glasses — so there are lots of different gift routes that are sure to please any tequila lover. 

    🎁Has giftable subscriptions: Sip Tequila makes gifting a subscription super easy. The brand offers a Tequila Club subscription, which includes 3 curated, premium full-sized bottles for $199 per delivery and comes with total subscription management flexibility and VIP perks. You can choose to send the Tequila Club box for up to 6 shipments, and the package will send every other month until your preset shipment limit is reached.

    For The Diligent Groomer


    BAKBLADE Father's Day Gifts

    Look, we all have body hair — and sometimes that can come with wanting to discreetly and painlessly remove it. 

    (We’ll preface by saying this is a present probably best given to a man with whom you share a close relationship). For the dad who has a hairy back and has been vocal about wanting a solution, BAKBLADE is truly the perfect gift. This tool makes grooming fast, easy, and totally pain-free, and the best part is Dad can do it himself. After buying your dad or father figure the BAKBLADE tool, you can subscribe him to replacement blades that can be delivered every one to four months.


    Jolie Showerhead Father's Day Gifts

    Great grooming starts with a great showerhead. Jolie poses the question: we filter the water we drink, why not the water we use to shower? The showerhead works by removing harmful chemicals and metals from your water, leaving you with your cleanest shower ever (and better skin & hair). Plus, for the men who fancy themselves handymen, Jolie requires (very easy) installation to help scratch the do-it-yourself itch. After the one-time purchase of the showerhead, you can sign Dad up for replaceable filters every 90 days for $33 so he never has to worry about upkeep.

    For The Coffee Enthusiast 

    Horsham Coffee Roaster

    Horsham Coffee Roaster Father's Day Gifts

    For the routine coffee drinker, a coffee subscription makes a whole lot of sense — and Horsham Coffee Roaster features a range of coffee from all over the world. With beans ethically sourced from Brazil, Costa Rica, Rwanda, and Kenya, the team is dedicated to trading directly with growers to ensure they receive a fair price for their work. 

    🎁Has giftable subscriptions: Horsham specifically offers a gift subscription voucher where you can select a prepaid 3-month, 6-month, or 12-month subscription to make the gifting process as seamless as possible.

    For the Snacker & Activist (Yes, This is a Singular Category)

    Righteous Felon

    Righteous Felon Jerky

    With a compelling call to action to ‘rebel against boring gifts,’ Righteous Felon is certainly a unique route and ideal for any man with a jerky obsession. Not only is the jerky high in protein and low in sugar — as well as totally pure without any strange additives — but the brand also funds and advocates for the protection of North America’s wild places. In other words, Dad can be a snacktivist (sorry, we had to). The brand has Father’s Day top picks already selected on the site for easy browsing, and you can even build your own subscription box as a present (to be delivered every one to three months). 

    🎁Has gift cards. You can select between $10 and $100 dollar gift cards.


    Happy Father's Day from all of us at Smartrr!