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Shipping Integration

💡A tip from our friends at Route!

🌱61% of US consumers ranked sustainability as an important purchase criterion, making it crucial to implement sustainable practices and connect with customers on causes that matter.

♻️Route is committed to sustainability, providing a new shipping solution that will offset brands’ carbon emissions on customer orders. 

🗺It has been estimated that all types of shipping account for 2.5% of the global total CO2 emissions. A 2015 report from the European Parliament estimated that the number could rise as high as 17% by 2050.

🌏Beginning with a reforestation project in Brazil with carbon-neutral partner, Patch, to offset emissions, Route has committed to neutralizing 100,000 tonnes of carbon. That’s equivalent to planting 160,000 trees in 4 years. 

💚Route’s mission is to make it accessible and easy for any merchant or shopper to take climate action as we march toward a future of eCommerce with net-zero emissions. This journey starts with their products and services and expands to how we operate and our physical footprint. 

Customers of their Green Package Protection program can opt-in at checkout with select brands at no extra fee!

Interested in learning how you can offer carbon offset shipping to your customers? Get a demo of Route.
Learn more about Route’s Carbon Neutral Shipping!