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Review Integration

💡A tip from our friends at Okendo!

👓 97% of consumers look for reviews at least some of the time before making a purchase, with more than a third of shoppers (34%) looking for reviews before they make a purchase every time.

🌟 If you have a strong collection of reviews and even have additional attributes collected, display those reviews on PDPs, in your email campaigns, and even within your paid media. 

📈 Bringing a level of social proof to the forefront will help new BFCM shoppers align their purchase decision quicker and increase overall conversions.

Even during busy periods like BFCM, customers still want a deep understanding of a product and how it fits into their lives, including quality, fit, and feel. This is why it’s important that before the big weekend you integrate a reviews platform that allows you to capture customer testimonials and display these on your product pages.