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Retention Actions

Here’s another awesome LTV tool to reduce churn!📉

💡Gain valuable insight into why customers cancel their subscriptions while improving retention over time with Smartrr’s Retention Actions feature! 

Studies show that offering customers an incentive to stay at the cancellation point reduces churn by more than 50%!

If a customer says a product is too expensive ➡️ offer them a 10% discount code
When a customer has too much product that month ➡️ remind them that they can gift or skip their order
If a customer wants to try a different product than what they’re subscribed to ➡️ let them know that they can swap

Brands can add up to 8 cancellation reasons to display in the customer account portal for customers to choose from. The following reasons show up by default: 

🛑Each cancellation reason can be assigned an optional retention action that prompts the customer with an additional offer before they cancel! 

See our Retention help doc for more info on gaining insight into attempted customer cancelations.