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PDP Best Practices

41% of online shoppers said PDPs had the biggest influence on their purchase decision, making it the top online touchpoint at the time of purchase.

Here’s a roundup of our PDP Do’s and Don’ts to optimize your subscription experience for the plan you want customers to choose:


✅ Default selection to subscriptions with a design that draws your attention.
✅ Show the value (e.g. money saved) of subscriptions without needing to click anything.
✅ Provide free shipping for subscription orders.
✅ Show the “Add to cart” section above the fold with a clear CTA.
✅ Design for mobile first – and make sure the “Add to cart” CTA is always sticky on the viewport.
✅ Overall, reduce the number of clicks it takes for the customer to get from homepage land > checkout. The ideal amount is 1-2 clicks.
✅ Focus on selling the product first and include subscription details, like stress-free cancellation, in a confirmation email or the cart. Remember, you’re not just selling a subscription, you’re selling a product!
✅ Do link to the cancellation policy and any relevant help articles for subscriptions.


🛑 Overload the PDP with text. A good alternative here is using badges and icons to convey the same information more concisely.
🛑 Make the final cost unclear for the customer. This reduces trust and leads to lower conversion rates.