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šŸ’” A tip from our friends at Zembula!

āŒ Don't add non-revenue-driving calls to action to the top of emails when your goal for the email as a whole is to drive revenue.Ā This has occurred with customers using Zembula's Smart Bannersā„¢ and Smart Blocksā„¢ in email.

šŸŖ§ If the overall goal of an email is to drive revenue, use only revenue-driving Smart Bannersā„¢ like abandoned cart or abandoned browse.Ā 

šŸ“© Save loyalty updates, or other non-revenue driving calls to action for Smart Blocksā„¢ further down your email.

šŸ’Œ Clients using advanced personalization at the top of their emails see a 10 to 17% increase in revenue from every email send!