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💡A tip from our friends at Tydo

💲The eCommerce world loves the next new thing — with one exception. Old customers come with benefits that outweigh new ones (well, the cost of acquiring new ones). Finding new customers is more expensive than turning current customers into repeat buyers. 

📊Knowing how customers interact with your Shopify store can help you make smarter business decisions. Understanding your key performance metrics, sales data, site performance, and channel efficiency will uncover meaningful insights about your business and customer loyalty.

🖥Current analytics solutions are expensive, lack customization, and aren’t built for every store’s unique needs. Tydo’s built as a modular platform, and provides a single space to build a unique playbook for your eCommerce business (plus it’s free to get started, regardless of your Shopify plan pricing). 

✅ Try Tydo and join brands like Disco, Not Pot, Cadence, Sharma Brands, Dose, and Birthdate Co., in receiving comprehensive reports, data visualizations, and insights.