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Bundle Builder

With Bundles, merchants can offer "build-a-box" style subscriptions for customers by allowing them to curate their own assortment of recurring products that they wish to receive in their subscription box. See full bundle benefits below ⬇️

😊 Enhanced Customer Experience- Incentivize subscribers to try a variety of products, increase your AOV, AND create opportunities for customers to have more engaging experiences with your brand!

📊 First-of-Its-Kind Post-Sale Subscription Inventory Reporting- Unlike other subscription apps available, Smartrr’s Bundle Builder allows you to send your 3PL a single product SKU with properties (custom attributes) OR as individual line items for each product in the bundle. Smartrr's line item capability means you can properly account for your bundled subscription SKUs in analytics and post-sale inventory reporting.

🖥️ On-Site Modal- The ability to trigger the Bundle Builder modal can be placed anywhere on your site and can be styled with custom colors and typography to match your brand!

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