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Backup Integration

No matter the size of your store or the number of people who can access it, mistakes can happen. 

🛡Files can be corrupt, third-party apps can cause issues – and you can still be a target of cybercrime. Your best line of defense is to make sure your store is protected. 

🔒Use a password manager, embrace multi-factor authentication, control third-party app permissions, and train yourself and your team on recognizing phishing attacks and cyber scams. 

The best way to protect your store is to always have an up-to-date backup of your store

⏪This is where Rewind comes in. Installing Rewind allows you to update your products, experiment with new messaging or apps, and work with your team without fear of mistakes. It’s important to look for two things in backups - they should be automatically triggered, and they should be consistent. A good rule of thumb is to use daily backups.