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Anchor Dates

Any holiday-specific releases in mind for your subscription program? Brands leveraging Smartrr commonly use anchor dates when they want to release subscription boxes on a specific day.

⚓️ Anchor dates are an optional add-on to subscription programs that set a day where billing interval calculations should be made and product ship dates are scheduled.

🔒These anchor dates are always fixed, regardless of when the previous subscription product was delivered.

🎁 The most common use case for anchor dates is when a shop wants to release subscription boxes on a specific day. For example, a shop that has seasonal subscription drops benefits immensely from anchor dates, such as a winter product release on December 1st.

🕯 Scent is a prime example of a brand utilizing anchor dates with its candles being sent out on the 4th of each month. After signing up for a Scent subscription, shoppers complete a Scent Profile quiz, which helps Scent select candles perfectly suited to each individual subscriber. They provide 3 subscription packages with options to receive a candle every 1, 2, or 3 months.

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