Understanding Your Subscription Business With Advanced Analytics

Data is crucial for the growth of your Shopify brand. Learn how to leverage analytics to gain insights into your subscription business and drive growth.

Table of Contents

    Understanding your subscription business is critical to the success and continued growth of your DTC brand. With Smartrr’s advanced analytics and reporting tools, getting a crystal clear picture of your subscription business, it’s growth and how you can continue to make optimizations has never been easier. 

    With Smartrr's 'Grow' plan and above, you get access to world-class Advanced Analytics powered by Looker. The dashboard gives you real-time, advanced analytics and insights from across your entire DTC subscription business. 

    Business Health

    Smartrr's advanced analytics dashboard offers cleanly designed interactive charts to give you an efficient look into the health of your business.

    When you first login to the Smartrr app and navigate to your Advanced Analytics dashboard, you can quickly find metrics to assess your DTC subscription business such as:

    • Number of Active Subscriptions
    • Upcoming Subscription Volume
    • Upcoming Subscription Revenue
    • Revenue By Order Type
    • Revenue By Product Type
    • Subscriber Locations

    Retention Data

    Smartrr's Advanced Analytics also offers you endless insights on your DTC subscription business’s customer retention. This dashboard helps you understand how your customers are engaging with your subscription offering with metrics like cancellation rates, churn rates, new subscription activations and more.

    Also, it breaks down metrics by revenue type (subscription revenue versus one-time purchase revenue), product selection and order type (subscription versus one-time purchase). 

    All of these insights combined in an easy-to-use and navigate dashboard help you understand the true health of your subscription business with actionable retention data.

    Customer Insights

    The Advanced Analytics dashboard offers advanced customer insight data as well. Analytics on important metrics such as attribution, top products, top customer locations and revenue breakdowns by order type and product type are all accessible in the dashboard and aggregated at your chosen level of granularity.

    You also get access to an in-depth map of where all of your subscribers are located. This map can be used to understand customer demographics and psychographics, as well as help understand whether you have any hot spots or any cities with high customer volumes.