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The Five Best Valentine’s Day Gifts
Brand Spotlight
Brand Spotlight

The Five Best Valentine’s Day Gifts

Valentine's Day 2022

The Five Best Valentine’s Day Gifts

Although not everyone’s love language is gift giving, when it comes to Valentine’s Day, it definitely doesn’t hurt to show your love and appreciation. We rounded up five of the best Valentine’s Day gifts this year that you can gift monthly to your Valentine to show them love all year long.

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1. Siblings: Delightful Scents

If you’re looking to light a few candles in the evening on Valentine’s Day, then look no further than Siblings. Siblings creates candles that are made with clean ingredients, premium fragrances, compostable packaging and your favorite reusable vessel. 

Looking for an activity too? Siblings candles are just as easy to make as a cup of coffee in the morning. Simply melt your wax for a few minutes in the microwave or stove, pour your wax into your favorite vessel then and enjoy with your Valentine. Siblings makes delightful scents for you and your Valentine to cozy up to this Valentine’s Day. A few of their best-selling and customer-loved scents are their bergamot scent, clove scent and lemon scent. Free Scent 11 With Code: VDAYFREE11.

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2. Sock Fancy: Ultra-Comfy Socks

We can’t get enough of Sock Fancy’s ultra-comfy socks and to make this Valentines Day a little sweeter, they’re offering 14% off sitewide!There’s nothing your Valentine wants more than the feeling of walking on clouds in Sock Fancy’s Fuzzy Crew Socks.

Their socks are as soft as a puppy with a luxe blend of softness to keep your feet warm and happy through long winter months. If you can’t swing a day at the spa this year, Sock Fancy has the solution for you! Their socks are make your feet feel like they’re at the spa each and every day – the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. Valentine’s Day Offer: 14% Off Sitewide With Code VDAY14.

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3. BEHAVE: Candy That’s Good For You

Finally, candy that’s actually good for you and your Valentine. Gift some BEHAVE this Valentine’s Day and thank us later. BEHAVE only has 1g of sugar, 60 calories and is low net carb. Sounds like a dream for your sweet tooth! us. And, it tastes really good. 

BEHAVE offers four variations - sweet bears, sour bears, sour stars and a bundle. We say go for the bundle and show your Valentine just how much you really love them. Valentine’s Day Offer: U & Me 4ver Pack.

The Limited Edition Valentine’s Day Box
4. Roe Caviar: Great Eats

Roe delivers the finest American White Sturgeon and Smoked Salmon caviar anywhere in the United States. Their caviar is sustainably sourced and packaged in jaw-dropping beautiful gift sets.  If you’re looking to really impress your Valentine this year, gift them some Roe Caviar. 

This year, they're offering a Limited Edition Valentine's Day box. You, your Valentine, and your taste buds won’t regret it.

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5. Scott’s Flowers: NYC Flower Delivery

Tried and true, a bouquet of flowers from NYC’s finest flower shop is sure to be a hit gift. After all, the month of love is here and Scott’s Flowers are the best way to show your love. Scott’s Flowers is a premier and family-owned luxury floral bouquet located in New York City. 

This Valentine’s Day, Scott’s offers a wide selection of beautiful arrangements for that special someone. Whether you’re shopping for your longtime sweetheart or a new lover, there’s something for everyone at Scott’s. They even have a full team of experts that will help you pick and design the perfect bouquet for your Valentine. Valentine’s Day Offer: Get $10 Off All Valentine’s Day Orders Before February 14th.