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Strengthen Your Subscriptions With Smartrr’s Shopify Flow Templates
Shopify Update
Shopify Update

Strengthen Your Subscriptions With Smartrr’s Shopify Flow Templates

The tools your Shopify brand needs to automate and streamline everyday subscription tasks.

Let’s face it: there’s nothing worse than feeling bogged down by manual tasks that could easily be automated. The eCommerce landscape is competitive, and we know your time is better spent doing more high-level strategizing — which is why we’ve introduced Shopify Flow Templates to help you operate more efficiently with premade custom workflows.  

As Shopify’s preferred advanced subscription app, we are committed to helping your DTC brand run as smoothly as possible, which starts with improving your internal communications and overall organization. Here is everything you need to know about how our recent Shopify Flow update can help you work Smartrr.

Shopify Flow Templates Smartrr

What is Shopify Flow?

Shopify Flow is a free-to-install Shopify app for eCommerce merchants on Shopify Plus or Advanced plans that allows you to create custom workflows so you can automate tasks both directly in your store and across your apps. And the best part is it’s completely out of the box (yep, that means no coding required). 

And because we’re a big proponent of efficiency, we took things a step further by creating these workflows on your behalf. 

Smartrr’s Shopify Flow Templates strengthen your subscription offering by streamlining your communication and organization. 

🧠Here’s how it works:

Smartrr x Shopify Flow Templates: Automating Your Subscription Workflows 

Improving Your Internal Communications

With Smartrr x Shopify Flow, you can set up triggers to notify your team via Slack whenever an important event occurs.

Smartrr Shopify Flow Template Example

For example, your team can instantly get notified if a subscription transaction attempt fails. Considering that up to 48% of subscription churn is reportedly caused by failed payments, this is a simple yet highly effective (and necessary) retention tactic. 

You can also get notified if a subscriber pauses their subscription or cancels their subscription order. Ensuring your entire team is equipped with this information means you can quickly jump to retention strategies, like sending a personalized message with a discount to re-engage a subscriber.

Initiating Loyalty Rewards

Easily reward customers for their first subscription order with Smartrr’s loyalty flow. After a first-time subscriber creates their inaugural order, they’ll automatically have their tier status changed and start accruing loyalty points.

Shopify Flow Template Example Smartrr

Automatically Creating Accurate Spreadsheets

Smartrr Shopify Flow Templates Spreadsheets

Having a detailed record with accurate subscription data is essential for running a business – and gone are the days of having to manually add a row to your spreadsheet. 

With Smartrr x Shopify Flow Templates, you can set up a trigger so that every canceled subscription immediately gets added to your spreadsheet in real time. This way, all you have to worry about is analyzing the data and implementing optimizations. 

Looking Ahead: Shopify Collabs

Shopify Flow also opens the door to a world of opportunities to enhance your subscription experience through your creator strategy with Smartrr + Shopify Collabs.  

Collabs enables creators to work directly with merchants to promote their products — and Flow can help automate some of the tedious tasks associated with this partnership, like approving an applicant or congratulating a creator on their first sale. 

At Smartrr, we know the substantial impact that creators can have on scaling your subscription offering. That’s why we’re hard at work to develop a subscription-led Shopify Flow Template specifically for Collabs. 

In other words, stay tuned. 👀

For any merchants interested in streamlining their workflow with premade flow templates, be sure to check out our Smartrr x Shopify Flow help doc for a full glimpse of our integration. And keep your eyes peeled for future Smartrr and Shopify updates.