Introducing Smartrr Loyalty Rewards & Referrals

Smartrr resets market expectations becoming the only subscription platform to offer a native Loyalty Rewards & Referrals solution.

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    About the Release

    Today, Smartrr is thrilled to unveil its full Loyalty Rewards & Referrals offering for Shopify merchants. With this release, Smartrr becomes the only Shopify subscription platform to offer a native Loyalty & Referrals solution, providing merchants with an unparalleled suite of tools to increase recurring revenue.

    "This release marks a pivotal moment for Smartrr and really the ecommerce industry as a whole," said Gaby Tegen, CEO of Smartrr. "At a time when merchants are grappling with real financial headwinds, recurring revenue and cutting back on costs are more in focus than ever. This delivers in a big way on both fronts."

    This release is three years in the making for Smartrr. Having worked with and studied thousands of brands, it was clear the fastest growing subscription brands were also leveraging Loyalty effectively. This is evidenced by the fact that brands offering subscriptions and loyalty together grow 8x faster on average and subscribers who redeem loyalty points are 25% less likely to churn.

    The problem: existing loyalty solutions were over engineered, overly expensive, difficult to maintain and not designed to integrate with subscriptions. Enter Smartrr. Smartrr’s Loyalty & Referrals solution delivers in three key areas:

    1. It’s simple. Based on intuitive, points based rewards, customers will understand and be more likely to engage with the offering.
    2. It’s easy to set-up and maintain. Bands can get started in minutes and make changes on the fly.
    3. It’s designed to integrate seamlessly with subscriptions. Customers get one, unified experience and merchants have one less piece of tech to worry about (and pay for.)

    “At the end of the day, what we do at Smartrr is simple. We help increase what ecommerce merchants need most–repeat purchases,” says Gaby. “Subscriptions will always be at the center of this, but we’re the only ones thinking about how powerful Loyalty is when integrated properly with subscriptions. It’s really a no-brainer for merchants.”

    With the launch of its native loyalty & referrals product, Smartrr is poised to continue leading the subscription space as the most innovative solution for merchants. Brands that operate on Shopify can now seamlessly integrate loyalty rewards into their subscription offerings, driving customer acquisition, retention, and sustainable growth.