Data Integration: Littledata

Littledata shares tips for brands to get accurate data tracking on Shopify.

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    đź’ˇA tip from our friends at Littledata!

    In today’s uncertain market, it’s more crucial than ever for brands to hit their monthly, quarterly, and annual OKRs and goals, and have the answers to their business’s most important questions.

    The best way to execute on this is by first identifying the key metrics that factor into these goals, and then using first-party data in Google Analytics and GA4 to continually monitor your progress and identify opportunities for improvement.

    We’re seeing subscription brands zero in on metrics like AOV, LTV, and churn to understand their brand’s growth and viability in the long run.

    The sooner you identify the key metrics for your brand, the sooner you’ll perfect your subscription model!

    ‍Learn how to get accurate subscription tracking with Littledata's Smartrr connection guide.