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How to Build a Strong Subscription SMS Marketing Strategy
The Smartrr Take
The Smartrr Take

How to Build a Strong Subscription SMS Marketing Strategy

How to implement a subscription-led SMS strategy for the ultimate customer experience.

Using a subscription-led SMS strategy gives brands more reasons to touch base with loyal shoppers and achieve customer lifetime value (LTV) goals. By integrating Smartrr and Klaviyo, brands can leverage subscription-led SMS marketing flows and campaigns to engage, retain, and champion subscription customers. Ultimately, this strategy will result in reduced churn, higher AOV, and increased LTV. Below, we detail some examples and use cases on how to implement a subscription-led SMS strategy with Smartrr and Klaviyo for the ultimate customer experience.


Trigger - Smartrr: Subscription Created

Use Case - 🆕 A customer has purchased a brand new subscription from your shop

Klaviyo SMS Notification ->

After non-subscribers make their first purchase, we recommend brands send a relevant and timely text message promoting opting-in for a subscription program. Further incentivize converting to a membership program by providing a discount code for subscriptions that when clicked, is automatically applied to their order. 

Once subscribed, use this as an opportunity to send a personalized, feel-good welcome note to your new subscriber upon their first order.


Trigger - Smartrr: Subscription Upcoming Order

Use Case - 🔜 A customer has an upcoming subscription order in 3 days 

Klaviyo SMS Notification ->

Empower customers to engage with their subscription program and make adjustments as they see fit. Direct your subscribers back to their customer account portal but give them a reason to stay with features that go far beyond the traditional ‘Skip’ or ‘Swap’. Win back customers who canceled their subscriptions by sending well-timed messages with tempting offerings in an effort to get them to re-subscribe. 

Communications like this not only set expectations high for what to expect of your subscription program, but also built trust by introducing a layer of autonomy to the brand-customer relationship. 


Trigger - Smartrr: Transaction attempt failed

Use Case - A customer's order has failed during your shop's Billing Time

Klaviyo SMS Notification - >

To retain customers, use subscription triggers to craft personalized flows, like for subscribers who recently subscribed or those whose subscriptions may expire soon. One additional, yet unfortunate, occurrence we see that negatively impacts retention is failed credit card payments.  

One brilliant way to remedy this is to set up a SMS notification around a failed transaction attempt. Notifying your customer of this early can have a huge impact on LTV and overall churn numbers. 


Trigger - Smartrr: Subscription Gifted Order

Use Case🎁 A customer has gifted an upcoming order

Klaviyo SMS Notification ->  

Turn loyal customers into brand champions by treating them like VIPs with exclusive member discounts and launches, gifting abilities, referrals, and rewards, communicated to them through SMS. 

For example, send customers discount codes via text with a link that brings them directly to their checkout page with the discount already applied. Another great use case is for upsells: send subscribers a text announcing a new product release and allow them to add or swap their upcoming order with a quick text response. During the holiday season, create a personalized, holiday-specific campaign that promotes subscription gifting features powered by customer data to maximize engagement. 

Klaviyo and Smartrr have partnered together to help you enable key subscription events to convert more visitors into subscribers. Build stronger relationships through Klaviyo’s email and SMS marketing engagement tools and Smartrr’s seamless subscription billing and management platform to deliver a robust customer-centric experience across all channels. 


See Smartrr’s help docs for more information on this integration.