We’re thrilled to reveal our new look and product enhancements

Revealing our brand refresh aimed at growing eCommerce brands.

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    It started with an insight

    We launched three years ago as an innovative solution built to take on the legacy players in the subscription space. Today, we remain the same disruptive force, but with a new look and refined commitment to growing ecommerce brands.

    “Having served thousands of Shopify merchants over the last three years, the inspiration for this refresh comes from our biggest market observation: leaders at small to mid sized merchants still lack a subscription solution built with their needs in mind,” says our CEO Gabriella Tegen. “There is clearly a trend amongst technology providers to move upmarket, cater to the needs of larger merchants and focus on custom-built solutions. We feel pretty strongly this is not the right approach for a large majority of merchants and that we can proactively help mitigate the pain around what should be a great evolution: growing brands need flexible tech as they continue to scale. This is something we want to capitalize on.”

    A platform for serious operators

    Specifically, we see a massive community of serious operators in the Shopify space who fit this profile. These are Founders, CEOs and growth, retention and ecommerce specialists who are passionate, informed, building unique brands and have a clear vision of what they want to achieve. And generally, what they really want is the following:

    • A platform flexible enough to support their unique use case, without custom logic.
    • Practical features that solve real problems and reduce tech costs, not add to them.
    • Attentive support and proactively delivered insights from a trusted source.

    Beyond the aesthetics

    More importantly, this update goes beyond aesthetics with enhanced functionality targeted at boosting merchant success. Here’s just a few of the improvements already made to the Smartrr platform this year:

    • Improved onetime upsell and add-on functionality that increased merchant AOV
    • A new best-in-class billing engine with 100% success and 0% downtime
    • An updated admin portal and analytics dashboard that are 80% faster
    • Improved out-of-stock product management and dunning management feature that boost subscriber retention
    • A significant upgrade to the subscription flow builder that gives merchants even more control over how they sell subscriptions

    What's next?

    To follow today’s announcement, we also have plenty in store on the product roadmap. These are products that can’t be found anywhere else on the market, help to consolidate tech stacks, and are designed specifically with the needs of growing merchants in mind.

    “We’ve heard what this market is telling us and understand their needs not just today, but also when they hit that next stage of growth.” Gabriella continues, “We’re excited to more clearly show we are the platform that actually works for them, whether they have aspirations of acquiring their first subscriber, or scaling to 1000 or even 100,000 subscribers and beyond,” says Gabriella.

    With this refined focus, we truly believe we are in the best position to power the next wave of $100 million ecommerce brands.