Why Smartrr Is the Best Shopify Subscription App For DTC Brands

Between a robust customer account portal, LTV-boosting features, and out-of-the-box subscription offerings, here's how Smartrr transforms your Shopify brand.

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    When starting or scaling a Shopify brand, finding the right partners for your tech stack can feel like a big undertaking. We know there are so many considerations when it comes to identifying the best Shopify apps for your business, and this is especially true with subscriptions — because effective subscription management apps should do a lot more than just enable recurring billing. 

    As you’re making the decision to launch subscriptions or migrate from Recharge (or an alternative platform), we’re diving into the ways Smartrr can transform your brand — and why we’re one of the best Shopify subscription apps in the ecosystem.

    Why Choose Smartrr?

    If You’re Launching Subscriptions

    For any Shopify brands who are considering getting started with subscriptions, there are many reasons to pick Smartrr over other subscription apps. 

    Let’s dive in: 

    1. 🧠 We have a variety of tailored, out-of-the-box subscription offerings

    ❌ Other Subscription Apps: Require Dev Work

    If there’s one thing we know about subscriptions, it’s that there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all offering. Every brand is different, even within the same vertical, and customization is crucial to ensure you hit the ground running with subscriptions. 

    Whether you’re looking to launch advanced bundles, sequential subscriptions, giftable subscriptions, prepaid subscriptions, or something else, Smartrr has you covered with out-of-the-box offerings to set you up for success.

    Smartrr Subscription Offerings

    2. 🧠 We have a robust, white-labeled customer account portal 

    ❌ Other subscription apps: Have a watermark and/or limited features to deeply engage subscribers

    We know cultivating a seamless brand experience matters. After all, a consistent brand presentation can boost revenue by as much as 23%

    Let’s tell it like it is: a watermark from your subscription app detracts from that experience. So we don’t do that. 

    With Smartrr’s customer account portal, we give you a blank slate that allows for complete customization. This means it’ll look like you designed it yourself.

    Joggy customer account portal

    But let’s be honest — a sexy, luxurious car is only impressive if it drives well, and account portals are no different. A sleek, branded portal is only step one when it comes to creating an engaging experience for subscribers. 

    With a range of LTV-boosting tools, we ensure every touchpoint throughout the portal deepens the customer journey. With loyalty and referral rewards, one-time add-ons, trending upsells, and more, every feature is specifically designed to increase your revenue and yield meaningful results. Impressively, Shopify brands leveraging Smartrr’s loyalty feature are seeing redemption rates of nearly 12% within only months of launching — and what’s more, these subscribers are spending on average 50+% more than non-subscribers. 

    In other words, our advanced customer account portal is not only an integral part of the overall customer experience but also an effective brand engagement hub to elevate your relationship with your consumers. 

    3. We have strong relationships with many partners in the Shopify ecosystem — which means we offer a range of integrations

    ❌ Other subscription apps: Don’t prioritize partnerships or aren’t native to Shopify and lack useful integrations as a result

    Subscriptions are important, of course — but we know they don’t exist in isolation. A successful Shopify tech stack requires a range of other apps and platforms, whether it be to leverage email and SMS marketing, provide customer service, feature reviews, or something else. And the first step for creating a strong tech stack is for your subscription app to be native to Shopify to help support any other apps in the ecosystem that integrate with Shopify checkout. 

    Because of our long list of partners and stellar integrations, starting with Smartrr automatically strengthens your entire tech stack. We’re native to Shopify and work in tandem with the tools you’re already using to make your life easy and to ensure cohesion between all of your resources. Plus, all of our integrations are easily accessible from your Admin Portal. 

    From Klaviyo and Gorgias to Attentive and LoyaltyLion, you’ll find everything you need with Smartrr. Because we know that the best tech stack is one in which each individual tool works in conjunction with the rest of your technology.

    4. We equip you with advanced subscription analytics  

    ❌ Other subscription apps: Provide less-than-intuitive subscription analytics and/or require a separate analytics tool

    You probably already know that having access to the right data is paramount for growing your Shopify brand, and subscriptions are no different. Leveraging subscription-specific data is key for optimizing your subscription offering, and Smartrr gives you an inside look into the metrics you’ll need to drive retention and recurring revenue.

    Smartrr Analytics Shopify Subscription App

    5. Brands working with Smartrr see immediate, meaningful results 

    ❌ Other subscription apps: Only focus on subscription implementation and are less focused on the LTV-driving elements and post-purchase journey

    We could talk all day about why Smartrr is one of the best Shopify subscription apps in the space, but we know you need evidence — and luckily, our numbers speak for themselves. 

    Brands that work with Smartrr experience instant success, including 2X subscription revenue within the first 60 days. But we think you’ll be glad you picked Smartrr even before this 60-day mark. 

    If You’re Migrating From Recharge (Or Another Platform) 

    We get it; migrations are scary, and they’re most definitely an investment. But at the end of the day, switching to a subscription app that will elevate your brand as a whole is a necessary decision in the long run. 

    We have a whole blog on the reasons why migrating to Smartrr from a legacy subscription app is well worth the investment, but we’ll also give you a quick recap of why we’re the Recharge alternative you’ve been looking for (or any other subscription platform, for that matter).  

    In addition to the above reasons, here’s why you should migrate to Smartrr:

    1. We partner with you hand in hand during the onboarding process in an effort to take the hiccups out of the migration experience  

    ❌ Other subscription apps: Require a design team or developmental resources to create an advanced, branded program 

    Our seamless migration process means that all you have to do is fill out our onboarding form. From there, we take care of the rest of the installation, including: 

    • 🛒 Adding relevant code snippets onto your site’s product pages
    • 🛍️ Setting up Subscription Programs
    • 💻 Customizing your store’s Customer Account Portal
    • 💵 Setting up rules around failed customer payments 
    • 💳 Setting up a billing schedule for subscription orders
    • 📦 Setting up your business’ shipping profiles 

    2. You get your own Client Success Manager (CSM) who sticks with your brand beyond the migration

    ❌ Other subscription apps: Give you a different CSM every time you reach out and/or take too long to reply

    We know how frustrating it is to have to start from square one with each new Client Success Manager. Unlike Recharge, by giving you one consistent CSM, you’ll get fast and reliable support from a true partner who understands your brand from the inside out. And the best part is our CS team really gets to know your brand and can provide you with proactive support beyond just addressing the inevitable snag when it pops up. We’re talking marketing suggestions, QBRs, routine check-ins, and more. 

    And we promise we’ll never leave you hanging if you try to contact us. In fact, you’ll hear from us within the same day. 

    3. Brands that migrate to Smartrr see an even greater increase in subscription revenue

    ❌ Other subscription apps: Take longer to see success after a migration

    Impressively, brands that migrate from other subscription apps see remarkable success within 60 days of switching to Smartrr, experiencing 2.5X subscription revenue.

    Between our robust LTV toolkit, our effective CS team, our advanced analytics, and more, Smartrr is undoubtedly the Shopify subscription app your brand needs to transform your customer relationships and maximize revenue. Whether you’re launching subscriptions or migrating, we’re here to talk — so be sure to send us a note

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • Why is Smartrr the best subscription app for Shopify? 

    There are many reasons Smartrr is the leading advanced subscription app in the Shopify ecosystem. Smartrr provides tailored, out-of-the-box subscription offerings; we’re the only app with an LTV toolkit that includes loyalty and referral rewards; we have a best-in-class customer account portal; and we yield impressive results within only 60 days. 

    • How does Smartrr help ensure a smooth migration from Recharge or another Shopify app?

    With our hands-on onboarding process, we take care of everything required for Smartrr’s installation. We’ll also provide you with your own Client Success Manager who responds within the same day and will stay with you beyond the migration. 

    • What’s the main difference between Smartrr and Recharge?

    For one, Smartrr has more advanced LTV-boosting features than Recharge. As we’ve mentioned, we also have faster and more reliable customer support from one consistent CSM. Plus, we’ve been native with Shopify checkout since the beginning — which means the end of third-party checkouts isn’t affecting any of our clients, unlike with the V1 version of Recharge.