Top Bundling Strategies for BFCM

Get the edge over your eCommerce competitors this Black Friday/Cyber Monday with clever strategies to maximize your revenue and drive customer engagement.

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    After extensive customer interviews and product research, Smartrr introduces a first-of-its-kind bundle builder that gives consumers the freedom to customize both their one-time purchases and recurring subscription orders to their exact liking.

    Unlock the key benefits of bundles while removing all the traditional headwinds:

    Bundle Benefit ⮕ Clearer Inventory Reporting 

    Traditional Pain Point ⮕ Not Compatible with 3PLs

    🧠 Smartrr Solve ⮕ Capabilities to set up bundles as “Custom Attributes” OR “Line Items”  

    Unlike other subscription apps available, Smartrr’s Bundle Builder allows merchants to send their 3PL a single product SKU with properties (custom attributes) OR as individual line items for each product in the bundle. This is an impactful solution for what has traditionally been the single greatest pain point for Shopify merchants offering bundles on subscription or build-a-box subscription programs. In building this capability, we’ve uncovered a first-of-its-kind post purchase inventory reporting for you to strengthen your business operations all the way around.


    Bundle Benefit ⮕ Increase AOV & LTV 

    Traditional Pain Point ⮕ Lack of customization

    🧠 Smartrr Solve ⮕ A personalized and memorable experience

    🎁 Bonus BFCM Tip! ⮕ Promote larger quantity bundles in addition to your standard subscription offering while customers are in the spirit of giving.

    More than ever, customers are demanding personalized shopping experiences, with 71 percent of consumers expecting companies to deliver more personalized interactions. What better way to deliver personalized experiences than through an interactive, customizable bundle experience?

    Use our latest bundle builder to offer multiple bundle sizes, cross sell variety packs, and allow customers to pick and choose which variants they wish! Encouraging customers to order greater quantities for greater discounts is a fantastic way to increase AOV. Similarly, granting customers more autonomy over their customer journey will ultimately reduce churn and exceed those Q4 LTV goals you’ve set!

    Bundle Benefit ⮕ Offer more bundles

    Traditional Pain Point ⮕ Costly custom builds 

    🧠 Smartrr Solve ⮕ Onsite modal to seamlessly link to existing subscription programs

    🎁 Bonus BFCM Tip Link bundles to an anchor date subscription program for a themed seasonal subscription program such as a seasonal Wine & Cheese box!🍷 

    🎁 Bonus BFCM Tip #2 Allow loyal customers to easily gift bundles! Use Smartrr’s onsite modal on your most frequented landing page to promote variety packs. Not only will this increase your AOV but expose more of your product line to a greater audience.

    Saving costly time and resources, Smartrr’s Bundle Builder allows merchants to link bundles to any of their existing subscription programs. Such as a seasonal wine club built around our out of the box anchor dates subscription program! No need for custom builds or separate PDPs, Shopify merchants can trigger the Bundle Builder modal anywhere on your site and can be styled with custom colors and typography for a seamless brand experience!

    “Build-your-own-box is truly what we see as the future of eCommerce. Consumers want to customize their orders 100%, and a lot of our customers have even reached out to ask us about this feature. Customers are thinking ‘I want to subscribe to this 48-pack box, but next month I want to try something new in addition! With Smartrr’s bundle builder, the customer experience and customization options are absolutely incredible.”
    – Ron Lubin, Senior Marketing Manager at Slate Milk

    Smartrr's Bundle Builder is available to those on our 💎 Excel plan.