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Smartrr facts

Our promise
We believe everything we say and do online is a reflection of our product. That’s why you’ll never see us use negative marketing on our site or engage with any competitors using negative marketing on social media. We don’t wish ill will on anyone, even our competitors. More importantly, we know our employees’ time is best spent focused on what’s truly important: working hard to build a quality product and spending time servicing our clients.

However, we do think it’s important for all parties to have full and factual information when considering which subscription product is best suited for your business. Below, we’ll address some claims made about Smartrr’s product offering.
Smartrr is best suited for smaller brands, or does not support brands over a certain threshold of subscribers.
This is false
Smartrr offers three different pricing plans, Launch, Grow, and Excel, that aim to provide the best possible experience for shops of all different sizes. Whether you’re just starting out with subscriptions, or you’re a fully established online store with tens of thousands of subscribers, we offer migration solutions and ongoing support for shops of all shapes and sizes.
Passwords are visible in the Liquid code for Smartrr’s account portal.
This is false
Customer usernames and passwords are managed and stored in Shopify. Meaning, Smartrr never stores or processes any password. You'll notice a unique account token in the "Smartrr snippets" that are added into your theme after setup and installation. As Smartrr is built within Shopify's liquid templates, we utilize all the embedded security within their platform. This account token is an additional layer of security to match requests coming from your site. This token is never visible to anyone outside of those who have collaborator access to your Shopify account—similar to API tokens and all actual customer records for that matter.

Security and compliance are top priority for us. We've passed audits from Shopify and run independent security analysis as part of our ongoing commitment to security. Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact our team and we'll be happy to walk you through our security measures in detail.
An account portal that uses Shopify’s Liquid is inferior to other platforms.
This is false
Smartrr’s account portal is hosted on your Shopify liquid theme. We find most of our clients prefer this as it’s both easier to initially set up and maintain. Using Liquid gives us the ability to push customized features on an individual level for each shop if need be. However, we can ALSO push universal features and upgrades to all our shops through a central point. We've never had an issue with deploying new features to our customers with Liquid.

For our headless clients, we offer a variety of options to host account portals outside of Smartrr. Most of these clients are on our Excel plan, where we offer in-house implementation and development support.
Smartrr doesn’t offer 24/7 customer support.
This is true
Nothing to hide here. We’re a small team scattered worldwide, but our Customer Success team is based in New York on Eastern Standard Time. We work from 9AM-6PM Mondays through Fridays. Our Customer Success Managers will often go above and beyond their station to help our clients outside these work hours, but we don’t require it.

We encourage our employees to work during designated hours so that they come to work refreshed and ready to tackle the day’s problems efficiently. Our response time within these working hours is typically within minutes. We take client issues very seriously and work quickly from the first point of contact to resolve all issues within 24 hours.
Smartrr does not have an open API.
This is false
Smartrr has an open REST API. REST is a simple way to communicate machine-to-machine information. REST APIs are universally accepted as the de facto for software companies deploying APIs and developer tools. Using REST also takes some burden off your developers so they can integrate with our application faster.

GraphQL APIs are an alternative open API system, but we have found it’s not the best system to use with Smartrr’s architecture.