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The Top Rated Subscription App on Shopify

Subscriptions built for growing Shopify brands

Smartrr transforms one-time buyers into brand champions. Schedule a demo to see how we do it!
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2.5x your subscription revenue

Shopify brands who made the switch to Smartrr see a 2.5x increase in subscription revenue in the first 60 days and a 5x increase in sales over a subscriber's lifetime.
Subscription revenue in just the first 60 days
Average monthly subscriber retention
Increase in sales over subscriber lifetime
Decrease in customer support tickets
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Righteous Felon
Subscription revenue up 485%
Migrated From
Slate Milk
Food & Beverage
21% increase in AOV
Migrated From
Legacy App
Jolie Skin Co.
Beauty & Wellness
<1% churn
Launched With

Your questions, answered

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Smartrr offers three different pricing plans, Launch, Grow, and Excel, that aim to provide the best possible experience for shops of all different sizes.

Whether you’re just starting out with subscriptions, or you’re a fully established online store with tens of thousands of subscribers, we offer support for all merchants.
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Is Smartrr right for my business size?
You can rest easy knowing we offer in-house migrations from your current subscription app.

We have migrated brands from every major subscription app as well as bespoke platforms. We also support migrating from alternative payment processors like PayPal Express, Stripe,, and Braintree.
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Can I migrate to Smartrr from another subscription provider?
Smartrr’s account portal is hosted on your Shopify liquid theme as it’s both easier to initially set up and maintain.

Using Liquid gives us the ability to push customized features on an individual level for each shop if need be and ALSO push universal features and upgrades to all our shops through a central point.
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Is Smartrr’s account portal hosted on Shopify?
On our Grow and Excel plans, we offer a white-glove onboarding experience that makes branded subscription setup a breeze.

This service is ideal for brands who have a custom-built Shopify theme, a Shopify store with a headless CMS, or for stores who don’t have access to internal design and dev resources.
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What is Smartrr’s white-glove onboarding process?