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The strongest subscription tool on Shopify

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Designed to empower your customers, Smartrr’s Account Portal has been re-designed from the bottom-up to be cleaner, more intuitive, and to serve as a proper brand hub for your most loyal customers.
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Five stars

Rated 5 stars on Shopify's App Store

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Five stars

Rated 5 stars on Shopify's App Store

“A must have”

Trusted by Shopify brands like:

Trusted by
brands like:

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Built with the end consumer in mind

Smartrr’s modern account portal is intuitively designed to empower customers to fully manage their subscriptions as they see fit. Offering the ability to swap products, skip their next order, expedite their next order, change their delivery address and more.
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Designed to be a VIP brand experience

Give them a reason to stay. Smartrr’s technology does just that with advanced theming capabilities, exclusive discounts, one-time add-ons and member only products. Easily introduce a VIP experience to your end consumer while increasing AOV.

Go beyond subscriptions

Smartrr’s industry-leading account portal acts as your brand’s homebase for customer engagement with additional gifting, loyalty, referral and retention—providing more touchpoints to strengthen a brands relationship with their customer.

The strongest retention tool in Shopify’s ecosystem


subscription revenue in just 60 days


decrease in customer support tickets


more sales over a subscriber's lifetime


average monthly subscriber retention rate

You’re in good company

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